Sunday, 14 March 2010

The last post for today is a small restaurant called "Floresta da Madragoa". Its quite simple, nothing fancy at all but the prices are unbeatable. Try the Iscas and make sure you have them with an Imperial and a agua das pedras ("water of the stones" as my best friend Chicken calls it) and not wine or else you´ll go brain dead from all the blood rushing to your stomach to digest its contents!!!!!! and im not sure if you´ll make it up Rua do Poço dos Negros:)...

Still along Rua da Esperança 59-61, is another Atelier, "Reverso Artes e Oficios". Its a workshop dedicated to contemporary jewellery design.

Right next to the restaurant is a funny little atelier, it opened a short while ago. Unfortunately i have never had the change to go in, it always seems to be closed. Who knows you might be luckier than me... they have some fun stuff

Just in front of the Museum is a quaint little restaurant called "O Caldo Verde", try their Ovas de Pescada Cozidas ou Fritas, Ovas are Fish Roe boiled or fried, They are delicious...if you like that sort of food. They have a relatively good selection of wines but start your meal with an "Imperial"....

When you´re walking from Santos to Chiado, along Rua da Esperança. dont forget to pop into the Convento das Bernardas which houses the Museu de Marionetas, "Puppet Museum" (

Finnaly the rain has stopped and yesterday was a glorious day. Uff. So here are a few sugestions when the weather picks up and your in Santos, Lisbon. Ive mentioned a few interesting places. Have fun..

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sorry its been some time since i last blogged. The weather has been dreadful and so its been no fun taking pictures. Ill be back soon with more interesting places to visit. Where to shop and much more...stay tunned